Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Early this year I became aware that Benton County was seeking
 to develop a Benton County Quilt Trail that would become a part
 of the Arkansas Quilt Trail. Benton County will be the 24th county
 in the state to join the state trail.

Quilt trails have become a sightseeing and destination movement
 across the U.S. inspired by quilt making, storytelling and local history.
With the disappearance of so many farms in our county,
I couldn't think of a better way to share our rich local 
farming history while also celebrating my 65th birthday!

Since I'm not a quilter or an artist, 
I am thankful  I was introduced to a maker
of barn quilts through a mutual friend.
My  Rising Star Barn Quilt was painted by
Holly Duck of  Duck Hollow Barn Quilts.

We had the hanging of the Barn Quilt this week!
It was so much fun to watch the long awaited 
completion of the project.

It was obvious from the beginning that 
a tall ladder just wouldn't work.
Milford Crane Service made the job look easy
and a whole lot safer than my vision of
family members on a ladder!

In preparation to be accepted to be a part of the quilt trail, 
 the application asks the participant to write a little bit about the history of the barn.
This is what I submitted:
The Rising Star barn quilt block brightens up the hip roof style barn built with
 oak lumber  handpicked by owner Bill Anglin in 1957. If barns could talk,
 it would tell you that it has been a place for milking cows, 
storing machinery, providing housing for calves and hay storage. 

Before the introduction of big round hay bales, 
the barn stored over 8000 square bales during summer harvest. Even on those
 hot August harvest days, stacking hay in the Anglin Barn was not all bad 
when you were treated to a late night supper and homemade ice cream 
prepared by Bonnah Lyn Anglin.

 The barn continues to be used by the fourth generation of the Anglin family
 as part of their Triple A Farms dairy and beef operation.

I'm thankful for this gift from my family that 
celebrates our rich Benton County agricultural history
and the legacy of our farming family.

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