Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Fall has arrived!
Just in the last few days, we are wearing jackets 
in the morning and sweating in the late afternoon.
That's how it is in Arkansas!
The grass is mostly brown with a twinge
of green but it will still provide a tasty
treat this winter for our cows to enjoy!

    As the hay harvest season is winding down,
    the calving season is speeding up!

    I'm thankful for these  new healthy 

    that are arriving in the perfect 
    days of fall

    for the changes of the season
    that remind us to count our
    many blessings down on the 
    dairy farm.

    Wednesday, September 23, 2020

    Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

    In a year of extreme rain during the spring that delayed planting
    and growth that has occurred in a  drought, we are thankful for this corn 
    crop that will be enjoyed by our dairy cows in their daily feed ration.

    A twelve row corn harvester certainly speeds up the job compared 
    to our smaller chopper.

                                    Even though we decided to hire the chopping done,  it was still a 
                                                       family affair to get the crop harvested. 
                                      Ryan and Casey  hauled chopped corn  from  the field to the 
                                      new silage pad while Cody was kept busy packing  each
                                                      delivered load from all the silage trucks.
                                                         The women of the family provided
                                                     love, support and food during the long day.

                                     It was dark when we moved the last truck home, shut gates and
                                     moved cattle back to the pastures but there was a joy and feeling
                                          of  accomplishment that only a farmer understands from 
                                                                     down on the dairy farm.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2020

    Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday


                                                 Aren't these the cutest twins!


    On a foggy morning in the pasture, the second calf was hidden  until it stood up next to Mama and appeared to be checking out the neighborhood before moving very far from Mom.  In just a short time, each calf was following their Mother around the pasture as expected.  Even though we will have three or four sets of twins born each year, each set is unique  and totally unexpected.

    I'm thankful for the joy we find in the unexpected surprise gift of twins and the cooler weather for calving season down on the dairy farm.

    Wednesday, September 9, 2020

    Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

    For more than 50 years, corn and other types of grain or grasses have been
    harvested and stored in the pit silo.  We have two of these
    pit silos  located on the corner of the dairy farm where trucks can back up and unload.
    Granddad Grover dug out the first silo on the corner and with the addition of 
    more dairy cows, Ryan built the second silo. 
    Everyday of the year, our tractor and feed wagon drive to the silo to load silage
    that is mixed with other ingredients to provide a nutritious diet
    for our dairy herd.

    This past week a new chapter for our farm was begun with the 
    design of a new concrete slab that will take the place of our pit silos.
    Closing of the pit silos is necessary for the proper design of the road  that 
    will accommodate the increased traffic of the development just across from
    the dairy.  

    Even though change is never easy, I am thankful that this change will actually
    provide a safer place for us to load silage into the feed wagon and decrease the
    chance of a traffic fatality as we strive to work on the farm in an urban environment.

    Best of all, our cows will never miss a delicious bite that produces 
    the high-quality milk for you and your family!