Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Just as hay and crop harvesting are winding down,
the fall calving season is beginning to ramp up with a new
calf arriving every day or two.

This experienced Mama that has had at least two calves before 
today's arrival, just couldn't complete the birth without assistance.
She was walked from the pasture to the maternity barn because the 
calf would need to be delivered by  the farmer.
In just minutes after delivery, she was welcoming her new baby
with heavy duty tongue licking to stimulate  and clean him.
Mother and baby are doing well.

There's never just one job happening down on the dairy farm.
While Casey was delivering this calf,
Cody was planting wheat. 
Just a routine day that requires management
and multi-tasking skills.

I'm thankful for these two sons that work so hard
every day to care for our cows and the land we call home
for the fact that I have been  blessed to work with 
them every day down on the dairy farm.


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