Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Even though our daily routine stays the same,
there is never just a "normal " day.
Today we welcomed a new calf to the herd.
How we care for this new calf  prepares the
way for the production of  high-quality nutritious milk.

                               Later in the afternoon, Ryan participated in a  virtual "Cheese Chat"
                             sponsored by Midwest Dairy. This was a new way to bring a variety of
                            consumers together to talk about the sustainable production of dairy
                            products, learn about cheese from the expert cheese monger
                                 and experience the taste of a  variety of cheeses produced
                                 in the midwestern states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma,
                                               Minnesota and Iowa.   

                                                  I'm thankful for this dairy farmer that was 
                                              willing to participate in a new experience that promotes
                                              dairy products and shares how dairy farms and families 
                                              work everyday to produce nutritious milk sustainably.

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