Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Sunday was truly a snow day--
it snowed all day long. It has been 
 a very long time since we have experienced a snow day
 and like  many of our friends and neighbors,
it seemed a welcome change in our daily lives that 
have been impacted by all the changes brought to us during this pandemic.

 A snow is much more welcome
than freezing rain or inches of ice that can be hazardous
to the cows walking  and  for the farmers  trying to care for them.
It's always our daily job to make sure that the cows and
calves have plenty of feed and water to meet their 
nutritional needs. Colder temperatures with a blanket of
snow made the day's work even more important 
to make sure plenty of calories were provided for 
the stress of increased cold weather conditions.

Most of the calves were eager to drink their warm milk 
                                            but   a few needed a little coaxing to enter out into 
                                              their first   experience  with  six inches of snow.

                                I'm thankful for the refreshed feeling brought with  this first
                                 snow of the season, for the magical landscape created by snow,
                                              and the reminder of how God blesses us
with the beauty provided in nature  down on the dairy farm.

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