Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Although the Pandemic has brought many 
changes to our lifestyles and cramped our 
 social gathering plans for routine and holiday events,
it has not stopped the essential work down on the
dairy farm.
We are still milking cows twice daily, seven days a week
and providing the feed and care that the cows and calves
require daily. We are proud to be considered essential
workers to provide food for our fellow Americans.

I'm thankful that  my family and our employees have remained in 
good health and able to continue the daily tasks on the dairy farm.

All across our community, we have essential workers that
are performing jobs that we often take for granted.
With the help of Midwest Dairy, our dairy promotion group,
we are able to thank a few of our essential workers with
a token of our appreciation.
This week I wrapped up an Undeniably Dairy thermos cup and
warm stocking cap  to give to our rural mailman.

                                                 I'm thankful for every essential worker and

                                                    this week I celebrate the rural mailman 

                                                   for a job well done and much appreciated!


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