Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

One of the greatest joys of family farm life is
sharing  everyday activities with our children and

Hearing the sweet little voice of Hattie was all it
took for me to abandon my farm bookkeeping task,
 throw on my coat and head to the calf 
hutches with Cody and Hattie.

The afternoon was perfect for the job of placing 
ear tags that we use to identify each heifer calf.
This identification number is used as a name and is
entered into a computer data base. The  information about
each heifer calf is used for the care  of each calf
 as they grow and mature and eventually become part
 of the milking herd.

Hattie's job was to entice the calf out of the hutch.
She obviously had the job she wanted!

I'm thankful for each moment we have together

                                                and for  the memories we are creating
down on the dairy farm.

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