Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday



    After carefully walking around on ice last week,  we were  extremely happy for the    snow that made it easier and safer for us and the cows to  gain a little bit of traction.   We prepared as best would could for what we consider normal  cold weather but nothing on the farm works when temperatures drop below zero and hover in the teens through out the day.

From the equipment in the milk barn to the water tanks, well houses,
 and ponds, everything has been frozen.  Every minute of each day 
has been busy with hauling water, breaking ice on the ponds,
  feeding the cows and repairing damaged equipment to get 
the milking done. 

If you want to see a farmer's determination to care for his animals,
come on  down to the dairy farm and I will show you  my family of farmers.


I'm thankful that my family and our employees have
been kept safe this week  as we worked together
down on the dairy farm.

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