Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

When my cell phone rings early in the morning before
I leave the house, it probably isn't good news.
Monday morning started with not so good news from
a neighbor on his way to work.
It seems that a car had run into the fence that surrounds the
pasture where several of our herd bulls reside.

I am thankful that even though the car was still lodged 
in the  fence row, it was keeping the bulls in place.
As the story unfolded, this wreck had occurred in the middle
of the night but we had not been contacted.
Thankfully no one was hurt from the accident and
the bulls did not get out or try to kick up their heels
and chase anyone!

                                            If you find yourself in a situation like this , I hope

                                you will find the farmer that owns the fence or at least

                                        report it to someone for  everyone's safety.

Our week was also filled with the love and laughter
of our family as we celebrated  Cody's birthday

and were blessed with smiles
of how a real cowboy  steps up to the job
down on the dairy farm. 

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