Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Today was what we call "Preg Check Day".
Knowing if a cow is pregnant is a big deal on a dairy farm.

Thanks to science and technology, we have a 
variety of ways to confirm if a cow is pregnant.
Pregnancy checks can be done by  manual palpation , 
 milk test or blood test.   Our chosen method for 
the last few years has been blood test. Blood tests
can detect pregnancy in a cow as early as 30 days bred.

I had the easy job of making the list from our computer 
records that give us breeding dates.
Cody, Casey and Ryan had the job of collecting
the blood specimens that will be
submitted to our dairy cooperative's lab.
In just a few days we hope to be celebrating
the news of many pregnant cows!

I'm thankful for my family of farmers that  
work everyday to care for our cows 

so that we can have healthy calves
that will eventually grow up to be the
cows that give high-quality milk.

There's beauty in every season and
cycle of life.


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