Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

Since 1939, June Dairy Month has been celebrated to promote 
and highlight the important health benefits that milk, yogurt
 and cheese provide and honor the farmers for their daily work that 
provides a steady supply of dairy products.

You would be surprised how many different jobs we may perform 
in one day down on the dairy farm  to make sure we are producing
the highest quality milk .

On this June day,
I was the gate woman as we sorted cattle in preparation for 
turning the next group of pregnant cows  from the 
milking herd to the dry pasture to rest for 60 days before calving.

With sunshine and dry conditions, 
we've celebrated many hours in the hay field
producing quality hay that is used to feed our dairy
and beef cows.

As we continue celebrating the goodness of dairy ,
I'm thankful for my dairy farm family that works  together 
everyday to feed and care for our dairy animals

for the dairy cows that produce high quality milk
for your family and mine.

Happy June Dairy Month!


1 comment:

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