Friday, June 25, 2021

Wheat Harvest Saga

Our wheat harvest this year has become a saga--
a long, involved story of the wheat crop that 
was intended for spring harvest. 

Our plan was to chop the wheat when it was green and make
 silage for the dairy cows to enjoy eating. 
   Mother Nature provided a change in our plans when we
 experienced rain and cooler temperatures during the
 time we should have been in the fields harvesting the crop.

As the green wheat matured, it was decided that a new plan would
be necessary due to the decreased quality for silage making.

Spring harvest turned into summer harvest of a grain crop.

A trip to the field  verified the grain was ready for the combine
to begin harvesting the wheat.

Harvesting a grain crop requires planning, organization, and
determination to get the job done. 
Once the combine begins the job of cutting the grain,
a cart must be ready to receive the grain when the combine is full.

It was a little like a Chinese fire drill with carts of grain
moving back and forth to the farm to be unloaded.

The final step in our harvest is to load the wheat onto the truck 
for  hauling. This truck load will be sold on the grain market.

                              Our wheat harvest  saga  will continue for several more days
                   as we move from field to field harvesting that beautiful golden  grain.  
                           If you get behind a slow moving grain cart or you meet one
                          on the road, give them a friendly wave and be a positive part
                                   of the hard working farmer's wheat harvest saga!

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