Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

                         Although we are happy to report that the last semi- truck load

                                     of wheat left the field to find its way to market, 

                                        the wheat harvest continues with the baling

                                                of the wheat straw left in the fields.


                               Baling the straw is much like baling hay except for the need  

                              to dry the straw.  It was raked into windrows and  baled

                              into large  round bales.  Straw is great to use as bedding in

                               the calf   hutches  or to roll out for cows to lay on when 

                                                        winter conditions occur.


Even though the early spring rains changed our plans for 
this year's wheat crop , I am thankful that we did have
a crop that can be used to care for our  dairy cows in ways that 
we hadn't planned and for the family and friends that 
have made harvesting the wheat a possibility.



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