Sunday, September 26, 2021

Fall Blessings

Although the farm work has not slowed down these first few 
days of fall, it has brought us that big sigh of relief  as we reached
into the closet for our long sleeve shirts  and hoodies with cooler
temperatures and less humidity.  On top of that, it rained three inches!
Talk about fall blessings!

With little rain through the summer and the stunted growth of the 
millet crop due to those nasty army worms, it was decided to harvest
 the crop when the rain was over. We were pleasantly surprised 
at the number of bales that were harvested.
These wrapped bales are actually making  fermented silage in a bag
that  will be fed to the dairy cows in their  balanced 
nutritional ration. 

Taking samples of silage and dry hay is part of 
the process to know the quality and types of nutrients 
provided for the feed ration.
My job was to patch the holes once the silage sample was
removed.  It was the easy job for sure!

We've also been welcoming new dairy  calves to the farm.

And at the end of the day,

                                             I am reminded of the simple blessings  we enjoy
                           and often take for granted during fall down  on the dairy farm.

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