Friday, September 17, 2021

School to Farm

We were honored to share our dairy story with University of Arkansas
students a few days ago. In past years, I have done farm tours for a variety of
groups but this was my first tour since  the CoVid pandemic  began in early 2020.
I'll admit, although I certainly was out of  touring practice, I enjoyed
every minute sharing what we do every day to bring a healthy product
to consumers by caring for our animals and the land we call home.

It was just this week that I read on social media a question that
asked what could you talk about for 10 minutes without any preparation.
I decided that the answer was easy if you have a passion for the 
subject  and having the desire to share makes it even easier.
Dairy farming would obviously be my topic!

After all, who doesn't love the story of  a third generation
Arkansas family farm that raises beautiful cows,
produces a nutritious product for families in our community,
and cares for the land !

We talk about farm to table  in the story of where our food comes from
 but this really is  the School to Farm version.
From our conversations during the tour, I hope it gave each
student a new perspective to share about where food 
production really begins.

Sharing our dairy farm is really a delight for me
and I will wear my new hat (and maybe share it with Ryan)
                             appreciate the opportunity to provide a School to Farm experience!

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