Sunday, October 24, 2021

Zoom goes Virtual

Have you ever been on a virtual dairy  farm tour?
I have watched a few and now I can tell you that
we have hosted one  with the technical help from Midwest Dairy
  to highlight dairy and  celebrate  the Arkansas  Farm to School 
program  during October.

As stated on the Arkansas Grown  website:
" Arkansas Farm to School activities improve public health, 
strengthen the local economy and communities, improve food access
 and food abundance for all, and protect the environment."

As Arkansas dairy farmers we were honored to share  from down on the
 dairy farm where nutritious milk and dairy products
are produced for our Arkansas students and their families.

Here's the link for the virtual tour:

It's been my experience through the years, the favorite 
part of the dairy farm tour is visiting the baby calves in the hutches.
It was also true for the virtual tour!
On the day of the tour, this baby was two days old and drinking milk
twice a day from a bottle. The students actually named her
What a perfect name!  We thought it would be fun to 
share how she will grow and change over the next two months.

Just like all of our baby calves, Zoom received her mother's milk in
a bottle for the first three days. That first milk is so important because it
contains colostrum that provides antibodies to aid her immune system in
fighting illness. After those three days, we taught her to 
drink milk from a bucket.  She was a fast learner!

Zoom is now  two weeks old.
She drinks milk twice a day followed with a small
handful of sweet grain. 
If you look close, I think she's smiling at you!


                                               The highlight of my virtual farm experience was 

                                                the gift of thank-you letters from Sheridan,AR 

                                                    written by Ms. Caldwell's 1st grade  class.

                                                       I'm so happy that Zoom went virtual!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

You know the farmers are still making hay while the sun
shines during these beautiful fall days.
No doubt this will be the last cutting of hay for this field
for the season but these last cuttings  are
 still good quality hay  that can be fed to the beef and
 dairy cows during the winter months.

I'm thankful for the rain we received last week that gave the 
fields the desperate drink that was needed to finish the season and
fill the ponds as we get closer to winter weather,

for the days Breck and I spent talking about how Daddy's
working on the farm and farming together  in the play room,

for the magic appearance of Casey's long lost
Dudley who just happened to show up at the Centerton
Animal Shelter after being gone for more than a year.

                                               Happy fall from down on the dairy farm!