Thursday, December 9, 2021

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday


                            It's been a week of wild weather changes from balmy

                          70 degrees  down to the  low thirties .   To go with 

                           the changes,  we have welcomed five new calves

                            this week.  I don't know   if it is scientific or just 

                            coincidence,   but full moons and   barometer

                           changes  often bring   calving action in the pasture!

One of my favorite jobs is to be the Uber driver for
picking up calves and delivering them to their calf hutch.
I am a good driver going forward but watch out for those 
trailer back up skills!

Our calves will  spend the first three months in
an individual calf hutch where they are closely monitored
and fed milk and grain twice daily.
A healthy calf is the beginning for high-quality milk.

                                       I'm so thankful to live and work down on the dairy

                               farm with my family and for the opportunity to    share 

                                         with my friend just where milk comes from. 


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