Thursday, January 6, 2022

Dairy Farmer's Thankful Thursday

So far, January weather has just been teasing us with skiffs
 of snow and frigid temperatures that blew in from the north after
 seventy degree temperatures during the holidays.

These extreme changes of weather are a stress on all of us.
It becomes even more important to closely monitor the cows 
and calves for any sign of illness during stressful events and
provide comfort and protection as much as possible.

Blanket coats for the calves and hay rolled out for the cows to rest
on during frigid temperatures are ways we can reduce the stress 
created by  weather conditions beyond our control.

I'm thankful for the healthy calves that have been born during 
challenging weather conditions,

for our devoted farm dogs that provide entertainment
for us and the cows,

and for the warm blanket coats  for the calves and
the farmers that care for all the animals down on the
dairy farm.


1 comment:

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