Sunday, January 16, 2022

Farm Snow Days

What do we do on snow days down on the dairy farm?
The same as we do on a summer day!

Feeding the calves and milking the cows are chores that we
do every day of the year regardless of the weather or the 
holiday schedule.
I will say that snow days serve to remind us to enjoy 
the beauty of nature  and remind me of how blessed
we are to live and work on the farm  and experience
God's creation everyday.

I'm not particularly fond of cold weather but snow days
do alter the schedule to  doing the absolutely necessary chores
and sometimes allow for unexpected  time together with our family.

Snow days are always good days for enjoying 
a little chocolate cream pie
 (made with real whole milk, of course),

 a cup of coffee made from this week's family  find
of an antique coffee percolator,

and a few family  stories about the good old days
 down on the dairy farm!


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