Sunday, January 30, 2022

Zoom's Transformation

Last October during a virtual farm tour on our dairy farm,
the students found out how we raise  baby calves that are born
on our farm.  One of the students thought the name ZOOM
was a perfect name for the youngest calf on the farm 
that particular day.   Of course, we agreed!

She's been called Zoom ever since tour day but
she is also identified with her ear tag number of 3381.
That number identifies her in our computer records that
document information about her growth and development
and assist us in making management decisions as she grows
and develops into a milking cow.

At three weeks after the tour, I could tell that 
Zoom was growing  but

changes are very obvious at three months!
Zoom no longer looks through the wire panel--

                                                                   she's looking over it !

                               Over the next couple of weeks, we will be getting 

                               Zoom ready to leave her calf hutch and enter life in

                                   a small pasture with a few of her herd mates. 

                                    I'll miss the everyday interaction with Zoom

                                    but I will love  watching her continued growth

                                      and development  into a healthy dairy

                                  cow that produces  nutritious   high-quality milk.




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