Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Thankful Thursday

Conversations in the last few weeks, no matter what the subject, often ended
with "I'm just 91,you know!"
It is hard to believe that my Mother is now 91.
Our party was a sweet celebration with family and friends.
Our expert candle blowers were ready for the task even though
the total of only  10 candles represented the big 91.

I celebrate not only the fact that my Mother has made this 
91 year milestone, but that she has lived her life to the 
fullest.  Her life has been full of working and serving 
others in the community through church and civic involvement,
 caring for her family, and cherishing her many friendships.

I also find it a fitting time during Women's History Month
to celebrate a few of the  achievements of  my Mother, Mary Baggett.

Mother has always loved her home town, Bentonville.
That love led her to become involved in the local politics.
She was the glass ceiling breaker for Bentonville becoming 
 the first woman elected to the Bentonville City Council in 1972.
and the first woman elected to the Benton County Quorum Court in 1982.
I am proud of the investment she made of her time to 
make Bentonville an even better place to live for all of us.

Most of all, I am thankful 
for all  the love Mother  gives so freely to me ,
my family and  all those who know her.


  1. Susan, this is such a beautiful tribute to just a fraction of all the all the amazing gifts your mother has shared with each of us ! ❤️❤️❤️