Friday, March 11, 2022

Winter's Last Hurrah

With the end of February and the turning of the calendar, we all have that 
hope and realization that spring is just around the corner.
However, March seldom gives up those last winter weather days.

As I faced the north wind and blowing snow this morning, I
was pretty sure that Winter was shouting its last hurrah and 
probably having a good laugh!

Fluctuating temperatures like we have experienced this month
are very stressful for the calves and often bring illness
such as pneumonia and scours. 

Providing  blankets to keep them warm, providing
warm milk twice daily, bedding the hutches with straw 
 or shavings and monitoring each calf  closely is 
 our everyday farmer job.

These jonquil blooms earlier this week
were just a little bit early for real spring

                                  but they did confirm the hope and promise of  spring is real!


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