Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Thankful Thursday



                                                             What excites a farmer?  

                                                         Hay season, of course!

                                      The farmers have been waiting impatiently to 

                                                     get started harvesting  the hay

                                                          and now, it is happening. 

                                     I'm thankful for the perfect hot and dry  weather

                                         this week  so the hay can be cut, raked

                                                  and baled in perfect condition,

                                                 for the opportunity to celebrate  Father's Day 

                                                            with  homemade ice cream,

for the memories made with our sons on all the 
days we  work together,

and for the memories 
of the fathers who raised us.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Thankful Thursday

Our hay cutting season is getting off to a really slow start due
to our soggy weather but we did get started  with the field next to the 
house that is less soggy than many others.

It was important to get the mixture of rye grass and weeds cut 
so the Bermuda grass would
have a better chance to grow for the second cutting.

Even though our work has been slowed down
by the weather, I am thankful for the opportunity 
it has provided for us to  enjoy the company of those 
around us,

 let our imaginations run wild in the 
fairy garden,

                                                            and celebrate a birthday or two!