Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Thankful Thursday

It was a bitter sweet moment as I watched the group of 
bred Holstein heifers being checked by the veterinarian
before being loaded on a truck for a trip to their 
new home in Texas. 
The heifers will be having their babies in just
a couple of months.
We have almost three years invested in the  daily
           care of each of these heifers.
I was with them on their first day on the farm
when we moved their mother to the milking barn and
I became their caretaker feeding them with a bottle.
I'm going to miss seeing their babies !

I'm thankful to have married the dairy farmer 
that has shared his calling with me  to be a caretaker
of these beautiful animals and a steward of the 
land we call home,

                                                        the continued daily work on the farm,

for the opportunities that appear through transitions
in life on the farm.


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