Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday

Although our daylight hours are silently 
slipping away as fall approaches,
the hours in September have been packed
with weaning calves and cattle working.

Each calf has received a new ear tag for 
identification, vaccinations, and wormer before
being moved to a new pasture. 

It wasn't a rodeo but it was fun to watch the 
calves kicking up their heels and showing off
as they were released from the head chute.
We decided it was their reaction to the cooler
temperatures we were all enjoying!

Even though we are not milking cows on the farm,
we are still raising babies in the hutches.
These calves are from our cows
 that are being milked at other farms. 

Their care requires feeding milk and grain 
twice daily and monitoring them
 closely for any illness. 

Living on the farm isn't just all work!
As you can see,
Hattie and Breck make life exciting and fun.

                                      I'm thankful for our life on the farm and for the jobs

                                                      of raising calves and kids!

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Thankful Thursday

Just before Labor Day, the square baler was pulled out of the shed, greased and
oiled, and sent to the field for what almost seems like an outdated practice.

The making of small square bales is a might more tedious than 
driving the big round baler down the field.  
You have decisions to make on the size of the
bale and the tension of the string. It proves that there is an art
  to farming and a lot of patience and praying with each bale
 that scoots out the shoot!

With the help of  the hay accumulator, a skid loader,
and a long trailer, the job of storing the hay is greatly 
 improved from the days of  a hay hauling crew that 
bucked each bale on the trailer in the field then
 unloaded and stacked  them in the barn on
 a 100 degree summer day.

I'm thankful for all the modern machinery that 
makes it possible to produce food for our calves and cows,
for the rain that we have been blessed with in this 
late summer season,

                                                 for these farm dogs that love life on the farm!