About Me

Welcome to Spotted Cow Review!

Here's why I blog---
It's my corner of the world where  I  share and review
the truth, transitions and treasures about life with my family
and our spotted Holstein cows on our Arkansas dairy farm.

Here's a little personal review:

I'm a Bentonville city girl who married a third generation
 Arkansas dairy farmer in 1984.
Must have been love at first sight...it could have been the
 cowboy hat,boots and slick Camaro because I knew nothing about
what a farm wife might be expected to do!

Who would have guessed that I would use my nursing degree
to raise kids and calves!
Our two sons, Cody and Casey are the 4th generation to work
on the farm. 

Sharing our life down on the dairy farm continues to
get sweeter with our grandchildren, Hattie and Breck.

                                      Working on the farm, has  allowed me the flexibility
                                to volunteer in our community and to share   how we work
                           everyday on our family  dairy farm to produce high quality milk.

                                                                   Have cow will travel!

                                          Features you will find at Spotted Cow Review are:
                                -Thankful Thursday--there's always something to be thankful for!
                                -Dairy Recipes--favorites of mine that are full of dairy products
                                -Dairy Q&A--my spot  to share answers to commonly asked
                                    questions or provide  information about current dairy issues.

                                                 As  you can see, Faith,Family,Farm---
                                           my life is full of truth,treasures and transitions.
                   Thank-you for visiting my blog and sharing in my life experiences!
                                                      I'd love to hear from you!

                                               Twitter: @AnglinDairy
                                               Facebook: Susan Anglin-AnglinDairy
                                               Pinterest: Susan Anglin-AnglinDairy


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  2. I recently found your very nice blog at the website, Proud To Dairy: Dairy Blogs We Love. I live on a dairy farm in Iowa.

    1. Thank-you for your nice comment. It's always nice to hear from other dairy folks.